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These are our invitations into the interior landscape of the radical and authentic Truth of who we are – and who we are not. They can be invitations into greater self awareness and a deeper understanding of our stories, our dreams, and our purpose that propel our individual and collective evolution.  They are the territory of feelings, conscious and unconscious, that shape the rhythms, patterns and currents of our daily lives.  Their greatest gift might very well be the way they can catapult us into the present moment – an experience beyond the perception of polarities, limitation and conflict into the mystery of Unlimited Potential, Deep Connection and Oneness with Life itself.

Through my personal journey I have come to understand that the perfect map  the compass, the direction, the lens – and the fuel to support this journey lives inside each and every one of us. There is no greater treasure or respite than the territory of our very own authentic and radically truthful presence. No need to wait until you transition to find heaven – it is right here on earth.

My journey has largely been an incremental one of radical inquiry – of asking questions and deeply listening to the answers that inevitably lead to shifts in circumstances and perceptions, opening my heart wider each step of the way. Indeed it is an intimacy with myself and all others – intimacy with Life itself that makes room for unimaginable joy, freedom and well-being.  As a natural extension of who I am, I started journeying with others through these important rites of passage and inviting them into this sacred territory

My guess is that you are here because you asked a question – an important one! Take my hand and we will walk, quietly, slowly, carefully, respectfully and excitedly in the direction of all that is Real.

Please call Rev. Jody Lotito Levine at 201-388-0069 to schedule time together or email me by clicking here.


Jody Levine is a rare person who steadfastly radiates light and positive energy.  She views things through an unusual lens, void of the usual defenses and either/or assumptions, so is able to help people see that way too.  When in Jody’s presence, people naturally begin to shift their thinking and imagine new possibilities for life scenarios whose options may have felt limited or defined.  Jody lives her practice and wisdom.  She is honest, guileless, true blue, generous, and deeply committed to following a path of light; she is a gem.

Sally Schneider, founder of “the improvised life

Jody brings her warmth, humor, compassion, love and a way of conveying freedom that I do not experience in other relationships…not to mention her wisdom and ability to be vulnerable and flawed as well. It’s a blessing.

Dr. Adam