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Feb 17, 2013

enough is enough

How many of us feel caught in the web of never enough time - to do all that tugs at us? How many of us feel that there is not enough room/space - to include a career, raising a family, an intimate relationship, friendships, passions? How many of us feel that there are not enough money/resources - to do all that we want to do or to quit a job or change a career that doesn't seem to fit, go to school or on a vacation or simply pay our bills, etc. How many of us feel that we are not enough - in the way we experience ourselves or the way we perceive being seen or appreciated by others?  This seems to be another conversation that continually arises in our human experience. I can't help but feel that the core of this discomfort, as with all that seems to be unfolding in this human dimension, is in the direction of our own beliefs born out of our perception. From my direct experience I will suggest that the idea of not enough is not true. I invite you in this moment to genuinely consider the possibility that there is absolutely and unequivocally enough. That, in fact, YOU are enough. Can you just imagine the implications of living as ENOUGH?

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