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Mar 2, 2013

instructions included

I sense that Interspirituality is embedded in the depths of who we already are. We instinctively know how to open up to this experience.  The truth is, we are born with instructions which are found in the interior landscape of our authentic Truth – in the territory of feelings that shape the rhythms and patterns of our daily lives and that have the potential to catapult us into the present moment described as an experience beyond the perception of polarities, limitation and conflict into the mystery and perfection of Life itself. This experience occurs in the territory of the unknown in that we truly don't know how it will unfold. And so, instead of forging ahead with our own agenda, we listen deeply to the one that is unfolding in the present moment exactly as it is, knowing full well that — the path, the steps — and the directions are being revealed to us.

 Interspirituality is the way in which we explore who we are beyond the convention of religion and the social norm to this depth of our Authenticity and Truth.  It is an ongoing dialogue and journey of self awareness, introspection, reflection, emotional and spiritual evolution that will include growing pains and is often messy, but is also where we will discover the unconditional love and acceptance we seek outside and in others, in the refuge of our own HEART.

 Interspirituality acknowledges and addresses the relationship between our personal and trans-personal selves – as it allows for unlimited uniqueness within a landscape of deep interconnectedness.  And so the invitation of Interspirituality is for us to discover the truth of who we are via all that is unfolding in the present moment by peeling back the layers of separation that masquerade as separateness and to discover the common ground, regardless. It is the human experience defined as a divine, co-creative, perfect, expanding, limitless expression reflected to us in the eyes of the other and experienced by us in relationship to things, nature and each other.

 Interspirituality presupposes all that emerges in our lives serves a purpose – and is a reflection of the Truth of who we are in that moment.  This reflection acts as a guide in the discovery of our full potential – as one snowflake in the snow; as one star in the constellation; as one drop of water in the ocean; as one voice among many — that affects the whole. And regardless of whether or not we consciously accept this gift and responsibility, it is so. In this sense we are all profoundly independent, interconnected, and interdependent. It is in this sense that we are One. 

 This is the invitation of Interspirituality — to engage in this experience of creation and be free to love – the unconditional kind, not the emotionally immature kind, not the conditional kind, but a generous kind. This kind of love is miraculous, in that it is naturally inclusive, naturally expanding, naturally welcoming, naturally open, naturally available, naturally abundant, naturally dynamic, naturally tolerant, naturally forgiving, and naturally compassionate – this is our true nature. When we love we are deeply connected.  It is the energy of no separation – the energy of acceptance – the energy of peace – in all of our relationships, including the one with ourselves; in deep connection with nature, among all people, all religions and spiritual traditions, and all nations.