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Mar 30, 2013


Humility - remembering that we all meet in the common ground of our humanity and purpose to love and be loved.

Earth – realizing that everything and everyone on this planet is alive and in play – in this sense we are all profoundly independent, interconnected, and interdependent – in this sense we are all One.

Arts – recognizing our uniqueness and authentic truth – our unlimited potential as co-creative beings in an unlimited, ever evolving universe and the value of our one star in the sky – one drop of water in the ocean – one voice in the collective song – that affects the whole.

Root – understanding that the circumstances and stories in our lives are a perfect reflection of who we are in each moment – this reflection is an invitation and compass to make adjustments to ourselves in the direction of our dreams and in response to what we are tempted to project onto another.

Thanks, otherwise known as gratitude –acknowledging all that is happening in our lives is a response to the deep yearnings of our heart – and includes the absolute knowing that all of these circumstances and experiences are relevant and always in our best interest, regardless.