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Apr 7, 2013

chasing pavements...ode to adele

coke, pepsi, dunkin doughnuts, bud light, starbucks, red bull, welch’s, sunkist, karma café, marlboro, newport, green mountain, nestle, hint, kirkland, poland springs, chips ahoy

to satisfy the hunger and the thirst – did they?

glass, not from the sea, the kind that fell from your hand

accidently or on purpose – what purpose?

hair bands of the pony tail variety

pulled from your hair after the gym, off your wrist, before a kiss?

too many cigarette butts, cigars

staring down death

sending smoke signals

what do you want to say?

ear buds, the little rubber tires that fit over the ones in your ears

singing their song…your song

empty bottles of vodka, pinot grigio

the affects of which have long warn off

that cause flat tires

are you empty too?

a ten dollar bill, rolled and shoved in your pocket

did you let it go without a fight?

a bright and shiny penny…heads up…birthed in 2000

that still meets the light, regardless

a size 7 nike sneaker the color maroon

are you marooned?

Chewed gum…mint or lime

 what are you chewing on?

screws and nails

what are you building?

have you been set free?

sippy cups

mother, father, grandma, babysitter?

a few lone orange peels

looking for friends

a white tile of the hexagon variety

were you walked all over?

did you decorate?

a button

tired and worn

a tiny heart

made of stone

but maybe not

sticks and stones, rocks and paper

no scissors

rubber bands

what do you hold together?

will you make a ball and learn to play?

a full book of matches

what will we light on fire?

the words on your cover…

“thank you, come back again”

truth is, i never left.


musings from a walk along the Hudson River...