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Oct 7, 2013

BE a Parent

10 Pillars of Conscious Parenting To Support Your School Age Child


1.  Connect - Children, like adults are finding a place they belong - a community; a reflection - via academics, athletics, social bonds, interests, activities - "find a way to weigh in" - your guidance is needed in order for your child to navigate this territory and make wise choices


2.  Communicate - keep talking to your children - find your place of relating which will change and evolve as they (and you!) do - Enjoy the challenge and be creative! - relate and reinforce.


3.  Be Available - your children are managing a lot during the day - they will greatly benefit by the refuge of your presence - it is a huge task and your great pleasure


4. Balance - find the sweet spot between overparenting and underparenting - between giving space and providing boundaries


5. Parent yourselves as well as your children - the road to self reliance and independence is a long and winding one - often found in magical moments that evolve from hard work, tough choices, a sense of humor and the truth of your own reflection in the mirror - take your own evolution seriously.


6. Your children are watching you - do you expect of yourself what you expect of them?


7. Breathe - worry and anxiety is a call to action; find your center and your children will learn to find theirs


8.  Teach them how to ask good questions – Answer a question with a question


9.  Stand back and allow your children to learn to acquire the courage, independence and determination that comes with recovering from disappointment, making up for a mistake, repairing a relationship and being uncomfortable.


10. Learn to say NO - and bear the wrath - your children will thank you (later!!)




Remember to reach out to others – parents, educators, counselors, coaches, friends - for support!