Do we dare to see our honest reflection in the eyes of our children? In the way they move, think, feel, speak, respond or react? In what they say and what they don’t?  Is it possible to meet our children where they are and accept who they are instead of whom and where we want them to be?

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would have children in the course of this lifetime.  This was not a well-thought-out plan, but rather an instinctual one – I did not choose motherhood, but rather, it chose me, and the knocking was loud.  I opened the door to the rich and fertile ground of my own garden to discover a kind of bait-and-switch: was I raising them or were they raising me?

Parenthood is one of the most profound co-creative processes available to us, so long as we choose to make it a conscious journey.  This requires bravery and a commitment to a deeper agenda of self-awareness and evolvement.  In this light, parenthood is an intimate journey that carries the spark of self acceptance, unconditional love and freedom of the heart.

Conscious parenting is a perspective and a process, not a goal to be reached.  It requires that we become conscious observers of our own unconscious behavior, and recognize our fears and emotional imprints that are the lens through which we form the basis of our parenting relationship. 

In our conscious parenting sessions we enter into a conversation that directly explores your evolutionary journey as a parent in the unlimited and creative potential and surrender to “what is” in the present moment. 

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Jody has helped me develop a deeper relationship with my children; to help me understand myself as well as my children better.  With Jody I learned parenting techniques that now seem so logical. Jody is very good at communicating and sharing what she sees.” 

- Toni

When I met Jody seven years ago, I was having trouble balancing fatherhood, work, family and marriage.  It took awhile to drop my guard and trust her, but she has a way of engaging people that is so easy and honest and direct.

- Anthony