Meditation is

a Sanctuary
a Laboratory
a Relationship

Meditation is a space of calm and quiet and emptiness – a pause from the roller coaster of emotion and endless stream of data, dialogue and decision that is the fabric of human life. It takes us beneath this constant chatter to a place of nourishment and rest. It is an experience beyond polarity where the pendulum does not swing between comfort and discomfort; pleasure and pain; right and wrong; acceptance and resistance; surrender and control; clarity and lack thereof, but rather it is an inner sanctuary where it all fits – it all makes sense and it all has a place.

Meditation is a laboratory for us to explore our inner landscape. In a space of deep presence, availability and listening we invite Awareness itself to enter into a co-creative process of unlimited possibility in the present moment. There is an alchemic quality in this collaboration that informs and transforms us in ways beyond what our minds can distill or comprehend to a place of insight, intuition and Knowing.

Meditation is a relationship that we enter into with ourselves. It is in this conscious relationship that we find the warmth and unwavering presence of our own sweet embrace, regardless. It is a heart opening experience that carries with it the seed of unconditional love and intimacy, where independence and interconnectedness meet in the freedom of our hearts.

Meditation is an amazing journey, an intuitive one, a sensing one where we connect to something that is profoundly alive inside of us and that roots us in the radical and authentic truth of who we are, which in turn makes room for this same magnificent unfolding in others.

Please call Rev. Jody Lotito Levine at 201-388-0069, or email me by clicking here for opportunities to explore meditation privately or in community.