As our loved ones transition from Earth, an opportunity presents itself to comfort each other and acknowledge that life.  It is customary to gather together to pause and remember our loved ones – to feel, to reflect, reunite and reconnect with each other and ourselves. 

It is a time to let go of the physical form of our loved one and to begin a relationship that will be reborn in the sanctuary of our hearts.  We do this by remembering moments – some missed – and consider their effect and their significance in who we are today and who we might become.  In this pause you will notice an unmistakable invitation to choose love, to choose forgiveness, and to choose gratitude for all that was and all that is, regardless. 

It would be my honor to create a safe and sacred space in which to process your loss privately and in the presence of loved ones.  We will begin our time together with a session, in a location of your choice, for you to share your memories, thoughts and feelings from which I will capture the essence of your loved one.  I will transform our sharing into a individualized ceremony and bespoke eulogy that I will deliver from the depths of our shared humanity and heart.  I am available by phone and email for the full duration of this process.

Please call Rev. Jody Lotito Levine at 201-388-0069 to schedule time together toward creating your service, or email me by clicking here.

Jody has a rare gift to be able to make space for EVERYTHING. Jody welcomes all of who she is and in her presence all of me is welcome.  She makes room for all the complexities of living, the rawness of human frailties, and the depths of spiritual richness.  She meets both humanness and divinity with the same gentle directness and curiosity.” 

- Terri