Our greatest potential to grow and evolve lies in the questions of the PRESENT moment. 

Human beings possess a natural impulse to grow and evolve. It’s expressed from the moment we are born through changes in our physical bodies and circumstances over the course of our lives. In the background, a constant dialogue of commentary raises inevitable questions, big and small.  We answer these questions the best we can, creating a narrative of our experience.  The way in which we interpret and tell this “story” is the lens through which we frame our questions, which inevitably has a great impact on the course that the answers will take in our lives.

A session with me acknowledges our lives as a co-creative process where personal responsibility and projection are two sides of the same coin. As we explore whatever led you to our time together, we look at your interior and exterior landscape of your questions through different lenses of perception and in relation to feelings, thoughts and patterns, with Awareness as our guideAwareness defined as the ever present Voice within.

My clients value self awareness and taking responsibility for their own lives and emotional well being.  They are truth seekers and wisdom seekers; they are curious and they are brave; they care deeply about themselves and others; they seek to find their authentic voice and embody love; they wish to create abundance in its countless forms from their natural flow; they are passionate and creative; they have a sense that there is something bigger than the sum of their parts at work in their lives; they want to explore this mystery – and make room for unlimited possibility, unimaginable joy and complete freedom of the heart.

Naturally I work with individuals, however, my extensive work with couples as a wedding celebrant, as well as my life experience, has proven to be a fertile ground to create a safe space for partners to explore their intimacy, relationship and authentic truth. The dynamic and challenging paradigm of intersecting lives invites the full potential of each individual as well as the full co-creative potential of the two.

Please call Rev. Jody Lotito Levine at 201-388-0069 to schedule a session, or email by clicking here.


Jody’s gift is a perspicacious quality and special way with words that allows her to see into people and their needs and provide direction and inspiration.” 

- Alan

Jody has given me the tools to ask the questions that I know will get me to the very heart of the problem.  She is a toolmaker.  I am learning to pause, breathe, and then act, not react.  Jody’s goal is for us to discover our RADICAL AUTHENTIC SELVES.  For me this is a journey, a process and I benefit from her counsel every day of my life.” 

- Anthony