Below is a list of websites, organizations and books that have touched my life in unimaginable ways.

Interspiritual Multiplex

The Interspiritual is a multi-faceted guide and directory about the Interspiritual experience that is unfolding worldwide. It is rooted in the vision of universal love and heart-based civilization pioneered by Brother Wayne Teasdale, who coined the word “Interspiritual” in 1999. 


One Spirit Learning Alliance

Interfaith and Interspiritual Seminary and Resource – One Spirit inspirtes passionate, caring individuals and communities to live engaged lives of authenticity, celebration, compassionate service and integrity..


The Improvised Life

Is a blog that invited you into the present moment of unlimited possibility.  It is a practice, a powerful operating system – a path of richness and diversity – mistakes and messes welcome – it posits the question “why not?” – it is a consciousness where seeming limitations and constraints give way to creation and expansion.


The Presence Portal

Author, Michael Brown, has charted a methodical pathway into present moment awareness called “THE PRESENCE PROCESS”.  THE PRESENCE PROCESS is an invitation into a 10-week experiential journey empowering us to integrat traumatic childhood imprinting impacting our current life experience with unconscious and reactive behaviors. His website, The Presence Portal supports this journey.


Stillness Speaks

A web resource for those interested in advaita, nonduality, spiritual teachers, meditation, self inquiry, self realization and enlightenment .


Davis Advanced Health Systems

The Davis Advanced Health System aids in peeling away the onion of distortions accumulated over a person’s lifetime, in order to promote optimal health and well-being, treating the origins of an illness and its symptoms.


Living Proof Nutrition/Fitness

Offers an array of integrated and personalized nutrition programs, metabolic testing, strength training and Pilates.

Women To Women

Changing Women’s Health Naturally – Women to Women is dedicated to helping women navigate their most common health concerns.


Laurie Goldstein

Lover of life, yoga and meditation teacher and much more


Tyler Knott Gregson

Photographer, poet, thought translater and much more

The Puzzle Project

This project is sustained by the love of artist and activist, Tim Kelly


The Invitation/Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Alchemy of the Heart/Michael Brown

The Presence Process/Michael Brown

The Conscious Parent/Shefali Tsabary, Phd

The Invisible Wedding/David and Faye Fields

Power vs. Force/David R. Hawkins, MD, Phd

The Social Animal/David Brooks

The Essential Rumi/Coleman Barks

The Female Brain/Louann Brizendine, MD

Let Your Life Speak/Parker Palmer

The Coming Interspiritual Age/Dr. Kurt Johnson, PhD and David Ord

The Honeymoon Effect/Bruce LipdonPhD

A Monk in the World/Wayne Teasdale