Jody’s gift is a perspicacious quality and special way with words that allows her to see into people and their needs and provide direction and inspiration.” 

- Alan, Boca Raton, FL

Jody Levine is a rare person who steadfastly radiates light and positive energy. She views things through an unusual lens, void of the usual defenses and either/or assumptions, so is able to help people see that way too. When in Jody’s presence, people naturally begin to shift their thinking and imagine new possibilities for life scenarios whose options may have felt limited or defined. Jody lives her practice and wisdom. She is honest, guileless, true blue, generous, and deeply committed to following a path of light; she is a gem.

- Sally Schneider, New York City, founder of "the improvised life

Jody brings her warmth, humor, compassion, love and a way of conveying freedom that I do not experience in other relationships…not to mention her wisdom and ability to be vulnerable and flawed as well. It’s a blessing.” 

- Dr. Adam Benson, New York City

Jody possesses a magnetism that draws people to her. People trust her instinctively… Unlike therapists I’ve spoken with, she doesn’t start out asking about your childhood and spending hours talking about the past. Jody starts in the present, “the here and now” and works from there… I have turned to Jody for huge, life-changing instruction and I continue to turn to Jody when I need to work through a small issue as well - sometimes it’s just a little tune-up to freshen my perspective… Jody has given me the tools to ask the questions that I know will get me to the very heart of the problem. She is a toolmaker. I am learning to pause, breathe, and then act, not react. Jody’s goal is for us to discover our RADICAL AUTHENTIC SELVES. For me this is a journey, a process and I benefit from her counsel every day of my life.” 

- Anthony, Jersey City, NJ

There is something about being in Jody’s specific presence that is simply put – a gift. It’s palpable. There is a willingness to go with the flow of what arises and to explore with compassion, empathy and clarity what presents itself in the space… When mine and Jody’s paths cross, we drop into a space that brings light to whatever it is that needs seeing – an idea is born, a shift transpires. The result is a sense of rootedness; expansiveness and joy. There is a softening, an opening, and a sense of ease.” 

- Laurie, Hoboken, NJ

Jody listens with her whole being, is able to understand and assist in a manner that is not imposing and yet is hugely helpful. Essentially helpful.” 

- Lori, White House Station, NJ

Jody has a rare gift to be able to make space for EVERYTHING – Jody welcomes all of who she is and in her presence all of me is welcome. She makes room for all the complexities of living, the rawness of human frailties, and the depths of spiritual richness. She meets both humanness and divinity with the same gentle directness and curiosity… Jody lives a life of amazing integrity. I never have to wonder who Jody is or what she is feeling because she always shows up real… Jody has a willingness to dive into the mystery of not knowing and to explore opening to the knowing within the not knowing.” 

- Terri, Billings, MT

Jody is tremendous in giving me clarity. She is insanely helpful in helping me understand the choices I make and the impact on my life.” 

- Stacey, Middletown, NJ

Jody loves life. She is positive, poised and pulled together. She is brutally honest but has a way of delivering that is very caring. She digs deep and asks questions. I always learn something every time we are together.” 

- Toni, Jersey City, NJ

Jody helps you dig deep to get out of your own way and uncover the greatness in a person or situation. She is compassionate and instinctual.” 

- Sharon, Hoboken, NJ

Jody is who she is – authentic. People who are in her presence and not so authentic might be touched in ways that they would not expect. She does this by just being herself.” 

- Daphne, Hoboken, NJ


Now looking back I am in awe of Jody. She was so easily able to keep us both feeling safe as we shared emotions both of us had kept inside for some time. Jody’s honesty and delivery system is a unique gift. We left unsure of all our wedding plans except one…wherever and however Jody would be the one to marry us… As we were planning our wedding, Jody somehow taught us how to be authentic to ourselves while still respecting our loved ones. Jody’s availability is indescribable in many ways. She has this magical way about her and because of this our relationship reached a new level… Jody is as real as they come. She has this unique gift of expressing love in the most authentic way I have ever witnessed and of being able to connect to anyone… My favorite and most memorable experience of our wedding day is our ceremony. It was truly written for John and me as a footprint of our life together.” 

- Marlena, Red Bank, NJ

Jody was our marriage officiant at our wedding last June 2011 and so much more! I believe it was our destiny to have connected with Jody. She is such a warm and caring person and it is easy to feel like you have known her forever… Working with Jody helped us to identify the uniqueness and meaning of our love for one another. Our ceremony turned out to be a beautiful intertwining of ideas, stories and thoughts created by the three of us.” 

- Jessica, PA

Jody let me express my emotions – she has empathy! She is authentic and sincere. Jody had the ability to understand us and translate that into our wedding ceremony.” 

- Daphne, Hoboken, NJ


Jody has helped me develop a better relationship with my children.  She has helped me understand myself and my children better. I learned techniques as she is very good at sharing what she sees.” 

- Toni, Jersey City, NJ

When I met Jody seven years ago, I was having trouble balancing fatherhood, work, family and marriage. It took awhile to drop my guard and trust her, but she has a way of engaging people that is so easy and honest and direct.” 

- Anthony, Jersey City, NJ


I learned a lot about skillful interactions from her and marveled at her handling of events with such grace and ease.” 

- Rev. Andrew, New York City

Jody is amazing at creating events. She uses all of her resources as a minister, a counselor and a business person.” 

- Sharon, Hoboken, NJ