No doubt each of you can recall that moment or series of moments that led you each to say YES to the other – to a kind of “knowing” that is unmistakable, and reveals a heightened sense of connection that moves you to invite another into the refuge of your heart.  Most likely your relationship began by chance: a glance, a meeting, a conversation that evolved over time to a deep and abiding love. It is that same hand of fate that has brought the two of you to me, and so let the three of us begin a conversation that will most certainly add to the richness and depth of your connection and life together.

What could be more exciting, more profound, more sacred than two people coming together to share their lives? This conscious commitment carries with it the ultimate seed of our full potential and the ability to give birth – to another human being and to ourselves.

Your joining is indeed noteworthy + magical + joyous + unique. We will capture this Essence during our time together, as we collaborate on your ceremony – the perfect words that reflect your relationship will be placed on the page and etched in your hearts and serve as the template and compass that will guide you through the terrain of emotional maturity and freedom of the heart.

We do this in a conversation via Skype or in person where I learn about who you are as individuals and as a couple. We talk about your feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

I would be truly honored to create a personal, safe and dynamic space for you to begin and embrace your life together in marriage. I am excited to join both opposite- and same-sex couples in a spiritual, civil, or commitment ceremony.

Additionally, I bring an extensive background in events and wedding planning, and am available to guide you through this process as well.

Begin the conversation and contact Rev. Jody Lotito Levine for a free consultation at 201-388-0069, or email me by clicking here.


Now looking back I am in awe of Jody.  She was so easily able to keep us both feeling safe as we shared emotions both of us had kept inside for some time.  Jody’s honesty and delivery system is a unique gift.  We left unsure of all our wedding plans except one…wherever and however Jody would be the one to marry us.” 

- Marlena and John

 Working with Jody helped us to identify the uniqueness and meaning of our love for one another.  Our ceremony turned out to be a beautiful intertwining of ideas, stories and thoughts created by the three of us.” 

- Jessica and Kyle

 There is an element of stress [in planning a wedding.] It is exciting, but there is an element of tension to set it up and to manage it. Jody was great from this perspective: she helped us to be focused on the content, on what it meant for us and for our families, to put the stress in the background and to focus on the more positive aspects of the ceremony. Which is great. We didn’t want that to be artificial. We wanted to be sincere, and she helped us. The journey to get to the ceremony was as enjoyable as possible.” 

- Daphne and JJ