I am an Interspiritual Minister.  What does that mean?

Inter refers to interconnected, interrelated, interdependent.

Spirituality points to an inner path of inquiry and discovery of one’s true nature and essence and an experience of being connected to each other and a larger reality.

Interspirituality is the HEART space of humanity itself.  It is an exploration of ourselves so deeply rooted in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that any creed, belief, background, history that could cause separation between human beings and within a human being, dissolves.  It IS the next step in our evolution which includes the profound understanding that we are simultaneously independent, interconnected and interdependent. What emerges is an unmistakable experience of WHOLENESS and ONENESS that makes room for all of ourselves, all of each other and all that is unfolding. Therefore, Interspirituality naturally embraces the universal practices of well being - love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, charity, freedom - and is, in and of itself, a dialogue - a way of living in deep connection with nature, among all people, all religions, spiritual traditions and all nations.

My journey began with a question I asked myself at a very early age, “Who am I and what am I doing here?” From this an endless stream of questions and answers have emerged in a compelling landscape of what it means to be fully awake, fully alive, fully engaged and fully present in my life.

My greatest teachers are those of you who have crossed my path who are forever calling me into the present moment and always reflecting back the Truth.  I have truly learned the most from those of you who have come out to play in the fields of authenticity – who have dared to say YES and NO –  those of you who seek only to love, love hard and love deeply.

My path is one of Radical and Authentic Truth and Surrender to the Heart Space.  The Unlimited Potential of the Present Moment is my living prayer.

I am interested in your discovery of the full expression of who you are in this lifetime, as it relates to your well being and that of others
I am interested in the distillation and creation of meaning in your life that will serve as a beacon of light in the navigation of your day to day
I am interested in pointing you in the direction of your "Still Small Voice Within" that is your compass and your place of refuge
I am interested in supporting your lifelong journey of introspection, self reflection, emotional and spiritual evolution. This includes growing pains, and it often messy; it is where you will discover the unconditional love and acceptance you seek outside, in the refuge of yourself
I urge you to explore who you are beyond the convention of religion and the soical norm, to the depth of your Authenticity and Truth.
I will encourage you to live from your HEART and to trust your feelings, which will naturally embrace all of you and all of everyone else, and lead to a life in joy, spaciousness, freedom, deep connection and love.